Developmental Editing

Granat Editorial Services can perform a developmental edit of your nonfiction books, journal or magazine articles, business proposals, marketing materials, white papers, software manuals, online help systems, and other documents.

Overview of the Process

Developmental editing consists of a systematic evaluation of the text as a whole. A developmental edit assures you that your document is suitable for your audience. The developmental editor submits a detailed report to the client that contains the results of the evaluation and recommendations for any needed changes.

The developmental edit looks closely at the following factors:

  • Content
  • Organization
  • Tone
  • Level of detail
  • Clarity and style


  • Is the author's goal in writing the document clearly stated?
  • Does the author meet that goal?
  • If the author does not meet that goal, is the problem (1) an unrealistically restrictive goal that the author does not achieve with the actual content, (2) errors in logical construction of the document's content, or (3) a goal that is too vague and thus indiscernible?
  • Who is the intended audience? Is it named in specific terms at the beginning of the text?
  • Is the content of the document appropriate for the level of expertise of the audience? Does the text consistently address the audience in the context of the stated goal of the book? That is, does the text maintain high level of cohesion?
  • Does the book as a whole have logical cohesion? That is, does the book overall hang together as a meaningful and satisfying unit?
  • Are any topics missing from the document? Should something be in the document that isn't there now?


  • Is the Table of Contents sufficiently detailed? Is it too detailed?
  • Are readers given a narrative overview or roadmap of the document?
  • Are readers given clear transitions and mini-roadmaps at appropriate times?
  • Is the organization of the chapters or sections logical?
  • Is navigation of the document easy?
  • Are headings in the document suitable? Do they promote reader comprehension?


  • Is the document written in the appropriate tone?
  • If written in a formal tone, is the same tone used consistently throughout the document?
  • Does the tone chosen by the author support the purpose of the document?

Level of Detail

  • Does the document have an appropriate level of detail?
  • Do illustrations and figures appear in appropriate locations in the text?
  • Does the document cover the subject adequately for the intended audience?
  • Are there appropriate references at the end of chapters?
  • Is there a sufficiently detailed index?

Clarity and Style

  • Is the text grammatically and stylistically acceptable for the intended audience?
  • Is the text cohesive?
  • Does the text need light, medium (U.S. English localization), or heavy editing?
  • Does the text need rewriting?